As most of people surf online like to watch videos rather than read words, video streaming sites like YouTube attract more and more people. Starting a video channel in the largest video sharing website YouTube would be a great idea. Then, you may wonder how to set up a YouTube account and create a YouTube channel. Just follow this tutorial and get the easy method.

How to start a YouTube channel on a computer or phone

If you already have a YouTube account and try to make some easy money, then you can choose to get paid through YouTube ads. It is an easy start and you can make some small revenue like generating $2 or $3 per thousand views through advertisers paying around $20 per thousand ad impressions. So here is the quick guide of generating money from YouTube ads:

Step 1. Create a Google account

If you already have a Google account and plan to use it to set up your YouTube channel, you can skip this step. If not, just follow this step. Launch a browser to visit and click the Sign in button on the top right side. Follow the instruction of creating the Google account. Fill in all the information needed to create the account which can be applied in all Google products and services. Just remember to fill in a valid email address which you currently use in order to verify your new Google account. After all the steps, now you have a Google account.

Step 2. ‘Sign in YouTube and go to Settings

Go back to YouTube and sign in with your new Google account. After signing in, click the top right side icon and then click the YouTube settings button. Click Create a channel text link to start setting a channel.

Step 3. Create a YouTube channel

Here would be a pop-up window after you click to create a channel link. Here you can choose to create a personal YouTube channel or a channel with a business or other name usage. If you just want to make a personal channel, you can click CREATE CHANNEL button to continue. And if you try to have it as commercial use, you can click the text link Use a business or other name. If you choose to make a business channel, you click the text link and it will let you fill in your brand name and after that, your YouTube channel is successfully set up.

Step 4. Optimize your YouTube channel

After starting your YouTube channel, you’d better start to optimize your channel with the following parts.

  1.  Add channel description

Click Channel description button to add the description to your channel in order to describe your brand and the video content you share on YouTube. Please notice that the description is limited to 1000 characters.

2. Make channel art

Click Add channel art button to upload a photo as channel art. You can also choose the photo from “Gallery” or from Google+ if you have any. After uploading the photo, you can use the crop screen to choose the section you want to show on the channel art. Of course, you can change your channel art photo by clicking the edit button on the top right-hand corner after to replace the current one.

3. Add links to your channel

Click the setting icon and enable the option “Customize the layout of your channel” on the pop-up window and click the Save button. Back to the home page, you can click the edit button on the top right-hand corner to choose Edit links or directly click About section to find the Links part. Just add links you want to connect with your YouTube channel with the name and link URL and click Done.

4. Make a channel trailer

Make a channel trailer to attract the users who come to your channel and give them the reason to subscribe to your channel. Channel trailer would be featured prominently on your channel homepage so you’d better be creative and persuasive on this channel trailer. These trailers only show to the people who not yet subscribe to your channel.

5. Add your contact information

Click “About” section on the channel homepage to scroll down to “Details” and add your email by clicking the Email button to add your email address. It would be easy to let people contact you for business inquiries.

As mobile devices are widely used for visiting the website and browsing online videos now, you may wonder if you can make a YouTube channel by using your iPhone or Android phone. In fact, the steps would be the same as the above. The difference would be that you need to open the browser ( Request Desktop View ) on your mobile devices.


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