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YouTube recently brought a new update to their guidelines.
YouTube Community Guidelines Update 2015

YouTube says “We want to make YouTube a beautiful and good social video sharing the medium. There are many who make videos for YouTube, who are not aware of YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Basically, our updates are for those who do not know about YouTube’s guideline.

YouTube says 98% of those who make videos do not break their instructions. But the remaining 2% of video creators make videos without bloating YouTube Rules. Their aim is to fully understand 100% of the people about their guidelines.

That’s why they have made new rules, three strikers system, and email notification. So that everyone can understand what made everybody out to face serious problems before YouTube.

And it turned out, 94% of those who got the first community guideline strike gets video strikes second strikes.

YouTube wants to give their policy a bigger chance to let everyone know, so if anyone violates a Community Guideline from February 25, then they will be notified directly by email and will be notified directly by email.

Which is what the YouTube claims Warning! This warning will be given only once.

If someone had broken the guideline before, then it would have gone straight to its channel. Now it is not.

YouTube says this Warning is basically time to know about their guideline or everyone, so the warnings will not be given directly without striking.

Consistent strikes across all of YouTube

There are punishments for people who violate Community Guideline on YouTube and get a body.

YouTube’s community guideline covers links to various websites such as stereo, custom thumbnails or video descriptions.

YouTube has created new rules for Community Guidelines

Youtube will give you three times the maximum. If your channel breaks more guidelines, your channel will be blocked from YouTube.

  • If someone breaks the video community guidelines for the first time, then their channel will block video uploads and live streaming for 7 days. 
    And 90 days will be given time.
  • If someone breaks the guideline for the second time within 90 days, then the video will be uploaded for 14 days and the video will stop streaming. Then again 90 days will be given time.
  • If someone re-creates a video in the 90 days that does not mean community guidelines, then its channel will be closed or terminated from YouTube.

Then you know how much YouTube is giving. You do not use a medium to eradicate and do not blunt the rules of the media, it is not. 

If someone posts a post by breaking the rules of our Wishbook, then we give it a warning first and then cancel the direct wizard ship for the second time.

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